treat me

treat me

Oil Ultime Ceremony

Oil Ultime have developed precious Essential Oils featuring aromatic blends of calming Lavender & Jasmine and invigorating Ylang Ylang & Mandarin, which are known to improve physical and psychological well being. They have been especially created for an indulging in-salon experience that helps escape a hectic daily routine

The oils envelop the hair, filling porous areas in the hair structure. Any residual oil instantly evaporates or is easily washed out, leaving hair seductively soft with a brilliant, radiating shine

BlondMe Therapy
£10 (£15*)

Powered by Bonding Technology, this customised blonde care range is especially formulated to care for the delicate structure of blonde hair. Designed to cater for all blonde needs, with tailor-made nourishment

*This luxury treatment will be performed on our exclusive fully reclining spa style backwash for an extra therapeutic effect

Bond Enforcing Ritual
A new dimension in hair regeneration for over-processed hair with a combination of 2 complexes that deeply reconstruct and seal each individual hair strand for virgin hair quality and 10x more resistance to breakage. Expect real perfection and an individual, unique result
Bonacure Prescription Treatment
Brings hair closer than ever to natural perfection. Discover our specific therapies for all hair types from Fragile & Ageing hair to Damaged & Distressed hair
FibrePlex Insurance
Minimises hair breakage by up to 94% and guarantees supreme hair quality after colouration with no perceivable colour shifts, no change in routine, no additional development time